‘Fake’ sign interpreter blames schizophrenia; he was hearing voices


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The sign language interpreter branded a “fake” and a “fraud” for the unintelligible gestures he made during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service said he began “hearing voices and hallucinating” while on stage.

Thamsanqa Jantjie told the South African newspaper, The Star, Thursday that he suffers from, and takes medication for, schizophrenia and had an episode during the service.

According to the paper:

[Jantjie] doesn’t know whether it was the magnitude of what he was doing or the happiness he felt throughout the day that might have triggered the attack while on stage.

Suddenly he lost concentration, and started hearing voices and hallucinating.

Jantjie added that he stayed on the stage and continued to sign while he was “seeing things and hearing loud voices in his head.”

“There was nothing I could do,” he said. “I was alone in a very dangerous situation. I tried to control myself and not show the world what was going on. I am very sorry, it’s the situation I found myself in.”

Jantjie was seen signing for many world leaders during the service, including during President Obama’s speech.

His actions provoked outraged responses on social media around the world, with many calling for his immediate removal from the stage.

David Buxton from the British Deaf Association said the interpreter was “waving his hands around but there was no meaning.”

“Please get RID of this CLOWN interpreter, please!” Bruno Peter Druchen, National Director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa and chairman of the South African Disability Alliance, tweeted.

According to The Star, the South African government is investigating “who recommended [Jantjie] for the job.”

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19 thoughts on “‘Fake’ sign interpreter blames schizophrenia; he was hearing voices

  1. cstrasburger says:

    Sure he was….

  2. Jerry Patte says:

    He was a Fake? A Fraud? He is in good company with Obama by his side.

    1. EliseR says:

      Of course you would make this all about Obama when he has nothing to do with the competence of a South African sign language interpreter. That’s just how intelligent you are.

      1. tellitlikeitis says:

        No, Elise, actually it’s a “sign” of Obama’s reputation as a fraud! You just can’t hide from it!

        1. lovinspoonful says:

          It is believed that EliseR is a plant so be careful what you say to her. People have encountered her before.

      2. James Robinson says:

        And, of course, no liberal has ever taken a pot shot at someone when they had “nothing” to do with the story.

      3. NoCrud says:

        I get your “intelligent” sense of humor. ☺

  3. Doug says:

    He was overwhelmed with excitement after catching a glimpse of Ted Cruz.

  4. jtomanelli says:

    It was demon possession at the core for his problems. He got too close to Obama.

    1. Doug says:

      Is that a picture of Richard Boone?

      1. jtomanelli says:

        Yes. Loved “Have Gun Will Travel.”

  5. HongryHawg says:

    I’m sure he’s been offered a position with the pretender’s administration. That’s talent they can use. He’ll fit right in.

    1. Doug says:

      He’ll sign an explanation of ObamaCare.

  6. Shes Texan says:

    How absolutely symbolic!

    1. NoCrud says:

      The Obamaroid does not represent US but, instead, his puppeteers. At least for a few minutes there on stage, though, The Great Pretender had someone representing him.

  7. Don Sebold says:

    2 jerks on 1 stage make 0 sense

  8. Wraith Against RichOligarchy says:

    That was a close call… obama got lucky… & the incompetency of the secret service is quite astonishing… this man could have
    snapped out & do something to any dignitary, or even obama. It sounds farfetched, but what if this guy would have been an assassin, & what if obama got killed, then what??? The secret service didn’t do their job at all…& yes, we the taxpayer are paying for secret service salaries…tax money that is going into waste. 🙁

  9. zbobby5 says:

    I guess his voices didn’t know how to read signage either. And not that I care, but what the hell was he doing on stage in the first place.

  10. NoCrud says:

    Schizophrenia and hearing voices, huh? He was standing behind The Obamaroid and, again, who’s voice was he hearing?

    Is Schizophrenia somehow connected with “demon possessed”?

    And, what exactly was the connection with The Obamaroid?

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