Actor, comedian ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ offers hilarious interpretation of ObamaCare

Larry the Cable Guy was on Fox News’ “Hannity” Monday night and offered his unique interpretation of Obamacare.

The blue collar comedian joked with host Sean Hannity that he and Bill O’Reilly were currently writing a book called “Killing Beckel,” a slam at Fox News liberal contributor Bob Beckel.

O’Reilly has written several successful books along that line: Killing Lincoln; Killing Kennedy; and Killing Jesus.

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The Larry the Cable Guy character is played by actor and comedian Daniel Lawrence “Larry” Whitney.

When Hannity asked him if he was following Obamacare, he replied: “Sean, it’s a disaster!”

Whitney added that he has “figured a lot of it out,” and then shares his hilarious interpretation of Obamacare, to include pointing out that he has eaten more girl scout cookies that the number of people who have signed up thus far.

Unfortunately, for the millions of Americans who have been adversely affected by President Obama’s signature healthcare law, it’s no laughing matter.

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