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Rand Paul grabs attention with his free market stimulus plan to restore Detroit

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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul has unveiled his economic recovery plan for the bankrupt city of Detroit and explained Sunday how he planned to persuade black, inner city voters that the plan is a good one for them.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Paul detailed his economic stimulus plan for Detroit and said he believed it is the only plan that could pass in Congress at this time.

“Over a billion dollars would be left in Detroit. I’m also talking about restoring voting rights, I’m talking about school choice. I think there’s a lot to offer in the Republican message that hasn’t been offered in the past and I think there’s only upside potential for voters in Detroit or all the big cities for Republicans,” he said.

According to the interview, Paul’s plan to establish economic “freedom zones” would include: “setting a flat individual and corporate tax rate of five percent, giving parents more school choice and education tax credits, and loosening visa rules to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to open businesses.”

Unlike President Obama’s failed stimulus that “poured a trillion dollars into the nation’s economy,” Paul said, “with this stimulus – a free market stimulus – you simply leave the money in the hands of those who have earned it.”

However, as Wallace noted, “Republicans have a steep hill to climb in inner city neighborhoods,” and in Detroit, specifically, where 97 per cent of voters voted for Obama in 2012.

Watch Paul explain here on Fox News


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