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Democrat-initiated focus group: ‘Obama’s a big disappointment’

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As President Barack Obama‘s approval numbers continue to tank due to the disastrous roll-out of Obamacare, even staunch supporters are beginning to express their disappointment in him.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd reported on an Ohio focus group that showed the president is losing credibility with swing voters that supported him in the past, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The focus group was conducted by Peter Hart, a Democratic pollster, and eight of the eleven participants — independents or independent leaners — voted for Obama in 2012.

Texas defies feds; we shut the border down ourselves, said Lt. gov.

None in the group described themselves as “proud” or “satisfied” with Obama, but did say they were ‘disappointed’ with him, using words like “inexperienced,” “powerless,” “cautious,” “timid,” and “overwhelmed” to describe him, Todd reported.

“I was really excited going into his first term,” one participant told Hart. “His first term was certainly a disappointment.”

Saying Obama is “a big disappointment,” another participant added: “He’s not focused on creating more jobs, fixing the economy, getting things going again, making people more prosperous. It’s like the economy is just sitting still.”

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