CNN’s David Gergen: There’s ‘nobody in charge’ at the White House

Recent reports about the president’s lack of involvement in the Obamacare rollout border on malfeasance, CNN political analyst David Gergen said in offering a scathing review of White House operations Sunday.

A Government Accountability Institute report released last week said the president met privately with Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on only one occasion prior to the program’s implementation.

“I don’t think this is simply sloppiness on the part of the White House,” Gergen said. “What seems to me is there’s a case of near malfeasance here.”

Obama met with various Cabinet members a total of 277 times, according to the report.  Pointing out that former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner met with Obama 27 times, Gergen said it was irresponsible for the president not to take charge of his signature policy issue and blamed Obama over Sebelius for its failures.

“I have no doubt the White House is right, that Secretary Sebelius was in several group meetings with the president about health care,” Gergen said during CNN’s “NewsRoom.” “But the whole point is, there was nobody in charge in the administration.”

Gergen is not considered highly partisan, having worked with presidents from both parties, according to Breitbart, which reported:

Gergen, who has served as director of speechwriting for the Nixon White House, director of communications for both Presidents Ford and Reagan, and then as a senior advisor to President Bill Clinton, is intimately familiar with how the White House operates. In addition, he normally takes a “neutral” position on most matters and often gives those in power the benefit of doubt.

Watch the exchange which begins around the 2:00 mark:

GAI Calendar Report 12.4.2013 PDF.pdf

H/T: Breitbart

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