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‘SNL’ mocks Al Sharpton: Obamacare covers knockout game victims now

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Obamacare is improving so much, it now provides health coverage for victims of knockout games.

That was the main takeaway as Kenan Thompson of “Saturday Night Live” staged a tone-perfect portrayal of the Rev. Al Sharpton interviewing a fictional Huffington Post blogger.

snlsharpton1208When the blogger claimed – with Huffington Post-like disregard for accuracy in the service of administration propaganda – that the HealthCare.gov website had improved substantially, “Sharpton” agreed, sending up the boot-licking standards of American
journalism in the process.

“The law is working,” Thompson’s Sharpton said. “Obama says it. The White House report says it. The official White House spokesman says it.

“That’s three different people. How much more evidence do we need?”

And Obamacare’s needed, for “people with diabetes, shingles and the unfortunate victim of this  knockout game,” “Sharpton” said.

Knockout is the “game” making the rounds on the Internet, where gangs of black youths are apparently attacking white strangers at random, trying to knock them unconscious with a single blow, while recording the feat for posterity.

Check out Thompson’s knockout knock-off of Sharpton’s act here.


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