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County worker browbeaten, reprimanded for criticizing Obamacare

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A 20-year county employee in California was dressed down by her boss for offending a co-worker who overheard her criticizing the Affordable Care Act.

Santa Clara County employee Norina Mooney was chastised for saying a high number of people have had their health insurance plans cancelled since Obamacare rolled out Oct. 1. The comment offended a co-worker, who complained, according to The Daily Caller.

After Mooney was reprimanded for such “egregious” behavior, she was instructed to take any future comments of a political nature outside the building.

She has since obtained counsel — the Pacific Justice Institute, which called the supervisor’s instruction, according to The Daily Caller:

an odd one considering Mooney’s claim that the office environment is replete with pro-Obama paraphernalia. She noted that her coworkers openly wore Obama campaign attire to work at election time as well.

Curiously, Mooney works for the county’s child support enforcement division, whose mission has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act.

“Just when we thought the disastrous Obamacare rollout couldn’t get much worse, the county of Santa Clara is compounding those problems by claiming that criticism is off-limits,” Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus said, according to The Daily Caller. “Liberals and conservatives alike should be able to agree that this type of censorship is chilling and unconstitutional.”

Assuming Mooney’s claims are correct — that she merely said people were losing their health insurance since the Obamacare rollout — she wasn’t even stating an opinion. She was stating a fact, one reported nightly on the news and admitted to even by the president.

The Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative legal defense firm, sent a letter several weeks ago to Santa Clara County officials asking whether employees are prohibited from discussing matters of public interest. To date, institute officials haven’t received a reply, according to The Daily Caller, and they’re now considering legal action.

First, smokers had to go outside. Now those who make statements of fact about the president’s signature health care bill are being targeted. How much longer will it be before the buildings are emptied and the desks moved to the parking lot?

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