Obama mum on Pearl Harbor, still working on narcissistic selfie

Saturday marked the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and while the nation remembers the “day which will live in infamy,” apparently the Obama White House – not so much.

As of noon, neither the official Twitter account of the White House nor President Obama’s had acknowledged the attack on the base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, even though that is the state of the president’s birth, and the state he will spend Christmas in.

Looking back at the tweets from the White House and Obama over the last month on days of remembrance, perhaps an easy explanation for the administration’s failure to recognize Pearl Harbor might be because there is no official photograph of the president at the site.

Consider the narcissist-in-chief’s recent tweets, all with pictures of Obama, for:

The Christmas tree lighting ceremony featuring not the tree:

Former South African President Nelson Mandela’s death:

The Chief of Staff’s birthday, yep picture of Obama, but not the birthday boy Denis McDonough:

Remembrance of Rosa Parks historical bus ride:


The 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination:

See a pattern?

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Janeen Capizola

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32 thoughts on “Obama mum on Pearl Harbor, still working on narcissistic selfie

  1. missnellie says:

    He is the most despicable human being I have ever come to know. He did not go to Gettsyburg, he does not honor Christ, etc. AND now he does not honor Pearl Harbor. Yes, lovinspoonful, you are right the man is a narcissistic empty suit. I knew a sailor that happened to be off his ship – The Arizona – when the Japanese bombed the hell out of the harbor. That man NEVER recovered. This thing we have in the White House is dishonorable, dishonest and full of himself.

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