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Conservatives hijack fast food workers protest across America

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Organized labor advocates targeted fast food restaurants across America on Thursday, calling for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

An eager media looking for a reason to turn away from the disastrous roll out of Obamacare advertised the day’s activities as a one day strike for higher wages by fast food workers.

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In reality, there were far more left-wing activists “on strike” than there were fast food workers, and these union agitators turned to Twitter to help draw attention to their efforts, using the hashtag:

Not a smart move, considering how thoroughly the right dominates Twitter.

Conservative comedian Stephen Kruiser was quick to hijack the hashtag, with his own take on the effort “to keep workers in entry-level jobs,” as described by Twitchy.com:

Kruiser makes the astute comparison to the failed Occupy Wall Street effort from last year, which many of these activists who know nothing about basic economics participated in:

Talk radio host Tony Katz, a pretty funny guy himself, got in on the act, as did fellow talk show host Dana Loesch:

Twitchy posted what it called the “BEST freakin’ tweet,” which seemed to put the whole day into perspective when considering how much effort went into trying to demonize these corporations:

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