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Did gay waitress in fake stiffed-tip story stiff Wounded Warriors?

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First, the New Jersey waitress who became a cause celebre among gay activists after claiming she was stiffed for a tip by a family that didn’t approve of her lesbian lifestyle.

Now, she could be stiffing the Wounded Warrior Project charity she claimed she’d help with the money that poured in after her story became an Internet wonder.

daynamorales1206newThe Wounded Warrior Project, which helps wounded veterans return to civilian life, had received no donations in the name of Dayna Morales, the waitress, or from the ZIP codes of her home or the Gallop Asian Bistro where she worked, according to the Bridgewater (N.J.) Patch.

She’s also been suspended from her job, according to the Asbury Park Press,  and was reported on Monday to have been dishonorably discharged from the Marines for failure to attend drills, according to a New York NBC affiliate.

To be fair, it’s possible that Morales really did donate the money. A Wounded Warrior representative told the Patch the money might have come in from another ZIP code or under another name. So it is possible.

So,  Morales apparently lied about:

The whole getting-stiffed-for-a-tip thing;  getting raped by her father and getting pregnant and losing the baby to cervical cancer;  being in combat in Afghanistan (she wasn’t); and having a boat end up in her living room when Superstorm Sandy swept through (none did).

That’s no reason to think she’s lying about whether she’s really donating up to $2,000 in tips to the Wounded Warrior Project.

She really might have given it through a third party.

To avoid drawing attention to herself.

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