Unbelievable: Obama touts Iran deal at WH Hanukkah reception

While entertaining a group of Israeli diplomats and senior Jewish leaders at a White House Hanukkah reception Thursday night, President Barack Obama touted his nuclear arms agreement […]

When civilization collapses, and chaos reigns, this is the truck to have
When civilization collapses, and chaos reigns, this is the truck to have

The most awesome Mad Max, apocalyptic, zombie-crushing truck you will ever see. When there’s no more room in hell, and the dead walk the earth, you’ll be […]

Obama biden hillary
Obama: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton among best ‘ever’ in their jobs

In President Obama’s skewed version of reality, Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will go down as among the best in history […]

Watch this close call with a homemade bazooka
Watch this close call with a homemade bazooka

This young man could have easily blown his head off. This was not a good idea. How to remove an SUV from a frozen lake, without heavy […]

Krauthammer on Hillary 2016
Top quotes of the week

This week in quotes: November 29-December 5, 2013 Obama on ObamaCare: There’s no way we’re repealing this boondoggle while I’m president, America….Is this really the message Democrats […]

Concealed carry
Congressional Report: As gun ownership soared, murder rate fell dramatically

With the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy fast approaching, parents, pundits and politicians are ramping up the rhetoric and demanding ever-more draconian gun control […]

Kimmel joke proves crazy tin-foil hat people were right

ABC late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel made an observation on Thursday night’s show that proves the folks walking around wearing tin-foil hats were right. The transcript, courtesy of […]

Did gay waitress in fake stiffed-tip story stiff Wounded Warriors?

First, the New Jersey waitress who became a cause celebre among gay activists after claiming she was stiffed for a tip by a family that didn’t approve […]

School forced to cancel annual Christmas toy drive after threatened with lawsuit

Secular progressives say there is no “War on Christmas,” but the report of a charter school in South Carolina being bullied into cancelling its Christmas toy drive […]

‘And I carry:’ See the faces of real Americans who carry firearms

The mainstream media and progressive politicians would like the public to believe that those who carry weapons are a somewhat crazy bunch of oddballs. Minnesotans for the […]

Harry Reid on obamacare
Reid makes stunning Obamacare admission, jabs tea party in interview

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hit the airwaves while on Christmas break, spinning the HealthCare.gov fiasco, making a candid admission about how Obamacare was originally written, […]

one world trade center AP image
Hear the haunting, wailing sound from One World Trade Center

The haunting, wailing sound heard coming from One World Trade Center is without a doubt serving as a reminder of the more than 3,000 people killed on […]