Florida Five: Gov. Scott’s move to keep doctors in Fla., GOP goes after Alex Sink

Stay informed with our picks for the five top political stories in the state.

GOP attacks Alex Sink: The Republican Party of Florida issued a broadside Wednesday against former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, accusing Sink of being a supporter of Obamacare from its earliest days . . . Read more.

Gov. Scott’s  move to keep doctors in Florida: Wednesday, Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office released information about the new Statewide Residency Program. This program is the first of its kind to coordinate with hospitals on supporting their medical education programs and will ensure we keep more of our medical school graduates here in the Sunshine State.”Read more.

Young voters say GOP message needs to focus on bottom line: A Republican Party struggling to connect with younger voters during the Obama Era needs to do a better job on the message everyone can understand. Read more.

ileanaroslehtina1204aRos-Lehtinen says ‘immigration really a woman’s issue’: A Florida Republican congresswoman who broke ranks with party leadership to support the comprehensive immigration bill passed by the Senate over the summer said Wednesday immigration policy is a women’s issue because of its impact on families. Read more.

Underwater homeowners in Fla. struggle to reach federal life preserver: Florida got $1 billion from the federal government to help struggling homeowners, but just 13 percent of that money has gone toward helping them. Read more.

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