GOP attacks Alex Sink for taking money ‘from Obamacare makers,’ paling with Pelosi

The Republican Party of Florida issued a broadside Wednesday against former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, accusing Sink of being a supporter of Obamacare from its earliest […]

GOP message needs to focus on bottom line, Young Republicans say

A Republican Party struggling to connect with younger voters during the Obama Era needs to do a better job on the message everyone can understand. Young Republican […]

BizPac Review
Troubling world test results prove US teenagers as clueless as they appear

Are any thinking adults really surprised by the low rankings of America’s 15-year-olds in science, math, and reading, as compared to their peers around the world? Not me, […]

Harry Reid exempts staffers from Obamacare exchange

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not only one of Obamacare’s most outspoken cheerleaders, he also saw fit to exempt some of his staff members from the […]

obama - sportscenter
Obama says he wants to host ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ when he retires

Just one year into his second term, President Barack Obama let slip that he already knows what he wants to do once he retires, and believe it […]

dark money
Liberal ‘media’ group gets $520k dark money donation for war on right

Two weeks ago, the liberal Center for Media and Democracy kicked off a national campaign to reveal the identities of anonymous contributors to conservative groups in an […]

trillion coin
Obama seriously considers minting 1 trillion dollar coin to get around debt ceiling

Legally, Obama can’t do this without the approval of Congress, but when has that ever stopped him? Huffington Post writer Ryan J. Reilly reports: The Obama administration was serious […]

Atheist group targets Christmas with ‘anti-god’ billboard campaign

Not content with having the freedom to be non-believers, an atheist group has plans to erect 55 billboards this week in the Sacramento, Calif., area to force […]

Florida Republican Ros-Lehtinen says ‘immigration really a woman’s issue’

A Florida Republican congresswoman who broke ranks with party leadership to support the comprehensive immigration bill passed by the Senate over the summer said Wednesday immigration policy […]

Booze expenses at State Department leave taxpayers with mega-hangover

While most of the federal government has been engaged in belt-tightening since the sequestration cut into everyone’s budget, it’s party time at the State Department when it […]

party leaders CNN
Party chairs Wasserman Schultz, Priebus have it out in ‘Crossfire’ showdown

In an incredible feat of restraint, neither conservative on Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s “Crossfire” felt compelled to bang their heads against the wall listening to Debbie Wasserman […]

Vets routinely denied Second Amendment rights; lawmakers debate fix

Should a veteran’s inability to handle his financial affairs deprive him of his Second Amendment rights? Each time the question has come before Congress, Democrats have said […]