Left goes crazy over RNC’s Rosa Parks tweet – a gift that keeps on giving

Forgetting the golden rule that Democrats own all references to civil rights, racism and slavery, the Republican Party attempted to commemorate the anniversary of Rosa Parks‘ refusal to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger.

The following tweet was posted on Twitter Sunday, resulting in an immediate backlash from the left, who interpreted the message to imply that racism no longer exists:

Ever reluctant to upset the opposition, the browbeaten GOP sent out a correction a few hours later:

Among those eager to condemn the Republican Party was none other than Al Sharpton, a man who has made a handsome living out of ginning up racism in America. In a sarcastic bit, he takes on the role of Walter Cronkite in mocking the tweet.

Racism will always exist and is not restricted to whites alone, however, had it actually come to an end, you can be sure Sharpton would be too distraught over the end of his livelihood to be joking about it.

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The tweet did result in the jumpstart of an ironic hashtag, #RacismEndedWhen — a clear sign to let the snark fly. And did it ever, from both sides of the aisle:

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Tom Tillison


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