Reporter tells MSNBC Obama administration ‘most hostile to the media . . . in US history’

frankenThe Obama administration is quick to celebrate the historic significance of just about every action it takes, but the White House is unlikely to embrace the claim that it’s the “most hostile” in U.S. history when it comes to freedom of the press.

Nevertheless, that is precisely the charge being leveled by former White House reporter Bob Franken.

The talking heads at MSNBC where discussing complaints from photojournalists that the Obama administration is not allowing media photographers to take their own shots, while pushing photos from White House-approved photographers.

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“Let’s use the ‘P’ word here: it’s propaganda,” Franken told his fellow panelists. “Every administration tries to manipulate the press, but this is the most hostile to the media that has been in United States history.”

“The reason I say most hostile is because of the Justice Department moves that they’ve made against the press,” Franken continued. “Obviously, they have a contempt for the journalistic process.”

An incredible statement considering just how favorable the media has been to Barack Obama, but even more so that is occurred on MSNBC. As for Franken, it may be a while before you see his mug on the pro-Obama network again.

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8 thoughts on “Reporter tells MSNBC Obama administration ‘most hostile to the media . . . in US history’

  1. quillerm says:

    For Obama’s First Term MSNBC, CNN.CBS etc., were content to be his loyal sycophants. The American people are not Obama’s dedicated subservients, with the exception of the lefts extremist base. It just takes Journalism, based on truth and facts, to uncover the incompetence, and strategy of deceit and denial of this Administration.

  2. Liberalism is Nonsense says:

    Excellent info; thanks for posting.

  3. Sharon Lynn says:


    HAHAHAHAH = we are winning the information wars people, keep posting truth about obama and the communists! DON’T EVER GIVE UP!

  4. Nope And Chains says:

    not familiar with bob franken. has he ever covered this administration? has he been a journalist enabler? boo hoo sycophant journalists who cant have their way at the white house.

  5. rhodes autry says:

    MSNBC is trying to grow a pair

  6. Steve says:

    Bob Franken will be put out to pasture like Dan Rather. As anchors get older and no longer make 7 figures, they start getting a conscious..

  7. Undecider says:

    They want “repeaters,” not “reporters.”

  8. Diana says:

    NO DOUBT that the news is scripted by DESIGN. And when you hear something over and over it becomes imprinted as ‘truth’ in your mind. This is called propaganda. It’s this way in every Socialist regime. Face it, we’ve lost our country to these bastards.
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”….. Paul Joseph Goebbels Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister

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