Plouffe: Obamacare will work well by 2017, ‘people trust this president’

Former White House adviser David Plouffe estimated that the Affordable Care Act insurance exchange will be working smoothly by 2017, when President Obama will be out of office.

Plouffe appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and admitted to host George Stephanopoulos that Obamacare has had its problems, but predicted they would be all ironed out in time, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

“This program was designed to be implemented by the states, and in most of the states that are running their exchanges, it’s going quite well,” he said.

Oregon has its own exchange, and Reuters reported that as of Nov. 20, has zero enrollees.

“It’s just a fact, it may take until 2017 when this president leaves office, you’re going to see almost every state in this country running their own exchanges eventually and expanding Medicaid, and I think it’ll work really well then,” Plouffe concluded.

“That’s 2017,” repeated Stephanopoulos, before asking how the president will restore the confidence of the people.

“I think people trust this president,” the former advisor claimed at a later point into the interview.

Watch the exchange, and If you haven’t already, check out Home video: Woman gathers family to push Obamacare at Thanksgiving, gets laughed at.

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8 thoughts on “Plouffe: Obamacare will work well by 2017, ‘people trust this president’

  1. Susan Royse Harris says:

    “I think people trust this president”… WTH has this idiot been smoking/drinking/popping? He has a disapproval rating of 55%. I guess you don’t understand basic math. David Plouffe is beyonf Moron…

    1. Ed Richardson says:

      Are there really people that ignorant? What bizzaro world does he live in?

      1. lovinspoonful says:

        The land of the misinformed.

    2. lovinspoonful says:

      His approval rating was down to 31. When did it go up?

  2. Chico Hinojos says:

    people on drugs wouldnt believe the president

  3. Earlene Leonard says:

    he will never be out of office….

  4. rhodes autry says:

    lotta folks trusted Hitler

  5. Charles Dykes says:


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