Obama’s ‘rejected me totally’: Richard Simmons says he wanted to help


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One-time fitness personality Richard Simmons said the Obamas have “rejected” his attempts to meet them and help the nation get fit and healthy.

“I love Michelle Obama. I wanted to meet them, both of them. They have rejected me totally,” Simmons said in a Huffington Post interview with Ricky Camillari Wednesday.  “I’m just not their set of sheets.”

Simmons wanted to help out with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign, but he was met with a cold shoulder. But that didn’t appear to dampen his opinion of the first couple.

“I do think the president and lady Obama are doing a good job,” Simmons said, according to the Huffington Post. “We need to try to get along in this country and make things happen, and no one has insurance. It’s just a mess.”

In an October interview with CQ Roll Call, Simmons spoke of his longstanding wish to help the Obamas with an effort dear to his heart.

“I was with childhood obesity long before any of them,” Simmons said. “You know, everyone can’t like you. I found that out in my life. Everybody can’t like you or appreciate you. So you really have to focus on the ones who do. We all feel hurt when we get rejected.”

So why praise those who reject you?

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Matt Labo

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17 thoughts on “Obama’s ‘rejected me totally’: Richard Simmons says he wanted to help

  1. Phillip Chapman says:


    1. Jeff Z says:

      Fruitloop probably took a few to his other end too.

    2. Billy Wages says:

      And perhaps a couple to the butte.

  2. Kim Pickelheimer says:

    That’s because you Richard Simmons reminds them of Obumas days in Chicago when he had his own boyfriends. He is trying to distance himself from that.

    1. Billy Wages says:

      You must admit, Richy is much better looking than
      Michelle. He’s not as masculine, but a lot better looking.

  3. Anita C Lively says:

    You should b saying “am i black enufa for ya”.. but i’m pretty sure the answer would be ”” uh.. NO!

  4. Earlene Leonard says:

    simmons says Obama is doing a good job then says no one has insurance and its just a mess…what is wrong with this sentence… can’t have it both ways Richard…

    1. Billy Wages says:

      I think that Richard has had it every way imaginable.

  5. rhodes autry says:

    it is because he is white…. lol

    1. Mark Meeks says:

      That’s right. Who’s being racist now?


    People have to decide for themselves if and how they want to be “fit and healthy”….People like R.SIMMONS or MICHELLE OBAMA or Michael Bloomberg CANNOT make that CHOICE for others or FORCE their will on others in any way, shape, or form…. It is not for THEM to “GET THE NATION FIT AND HEALTHY…How elitist and condescending is THAT!! They need to back off and mind their own business!!! Totally can’t stand the FITNESS FASCIST and NUTRITION NAZIS in our midst!!!

    1. Billy Wages says:

      Are you blonde?

  7. tired says:

    How can you “love” someone that put everyone down

  8. Lorraine Stuart says:

    I could care less about his pity poo party. And for him to say Obama is doing a good job. Talk about kissing up…

    1. Tina Shontz says:

      This is actually good news!! Saying that you “could care less”, means that you do care some! There’s hope! But I’m guessing you meant “I couldn’t care less”, which is the exact opposite of what you said.

  9. LindaOregon says:

    Hey Richie, I have insurance….for now at least until the employer mandate kicks in. And we don’t need to just “get along.” There are those who think Obama is an idiot and is running this country into the ground. Should we just sit idly by and let him do it?

  10. Tina Shontz says:

    Obama’s what rejected Simmons? His dog? His house? His shoe? Or does the headline writer of this ILLUSTRIOUS site mean “Obamas” (plural) rather than “Obama’s” (possessive). FAIL.

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