Liberal editor uses actor Paul Walker’s death for vile attack of Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker

As reports were beginning to emerge that “Fast & Furious” actor Paul Walker was killed in a car accident in Southern California Saturday, the news editor at a feminist blog jumped at the chance to use the tragedy to go after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

In response to the tragic news, Erin Gloria Ryan, news editor at, posted a despicable comment:


Ryan quickly had second thoughts and deleted the tweet, but a firestorm of criticism was already building. She posted an apology that read: “No excuse. It was dumb. I’m sorry.”  And then a follow up tweet as the firestorm continued to build:

As for the wave of criticism, chronicled some of tweets directed at Ryan:

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50 thoughts on “Liberal editor uses actor Paul Walker’s death for vile attack of Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker

  1. Sandy Mallett Rekau says:

    This woman is sickening!!!!!!!

  2. Jonathan Rudd says:

    Why couldn’t it be Erin Gloria Ryan? Oh! I’m sorry. That is so insensitive of me…

  3. Vross says:

    Liberals are classy people, huh?

  4. Alexander T. Syriac says:

    But everyone needs to remember: It’s the conservatives that are the “haters”!

  5. disqus_qm6OxDniZ1 says:

    Well, it looks as though her audience has doubled 4 score..but only for her brief 15 minutes of infamy. To bad she wasted it on something so stupid. But hey, she’s a dumb azz liberal skirt. They take what they can get. Maybe she can get a animal costume and dance with Miley one day.

  6. Dane Clark says:

    This is another example of the liberal mind. This is how twisted and judgemental that they are. Sick sick sick. You never wish death on anyone expecially your enemyes. You just do not do that.

  7. David Pawson says:

    Typical compassionate, tolerant liberal. Well, I suppose it’s time for me to go liberal: Who cares what the slut thinks? Someone ought to defecate in her mouth. Too bad it wasn’t her.

  8. Notjack says:

    With Obamacare, they’ll be able to assign medical treatment by political affiliation.

  9. coalminds says:

    The real issue is that she said this in a way that took her time to type, imagine what kind of filth comes out of her mouth when she’s just talking casually among friends?

  10. Jerry Person says:

    no one could say anything bad about scott walker that is not bad. walker in pure evil

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