Will Ferrell anchors real local news broadcast as Ron Burgundy

“Anchorman 2” took movie promotion to new heights when comic actor Will Ferrell co-anchored the news at a Bismarck, N.D., CBS affiliate. Ferrell was in character as […]

David Plouffe
Plouffe: Obamacare will work well by 2017, ‘people trust this president’

Former White House adviser David Plouffe estimated that the Affordable Care Act insurance exchange will be working smoothly by 2017, when President Obama will be out of […]

NYC ‘anti-knockout game’ rally ends with apparent knockout game

A rally of New York City activists aimed at ending the “knockout game” ended with a 76-year-old woman being attacked in an episode of the game itself. […]

Krauthammer: ‘The Pope is a Democrat … he ought to run for the presidency’

According to the gospel of syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, Pope Francis is a Democrat and should be the party’s 2016 nominee for president of the United States. […]

Young developer of 3-D printer gun proud to make ‘most dangerous people in world’ list

The former law student who developed a one-shot gun that can be created on a 3-D plastic printer has been voted among Wired magazine’s 15 most dangerous […]

Talk of extended Obama term spurs Internet joke: One sunny day in 2017 . . .

President Obama created some concern among conservatives when he said during an ABC interview that he may be staying on in Washington, D.C. after his second term […]

Islam anti sharia law
Methodist university touts Islamic prayer room, Sharia-compliant washrooms next?

A recent article promoting an “interfaith” prayer room at Texas Wesleyan University is creating a buzz on conservative blogs. The Methodist-affiliated university established the prayer room in 2012, […]

Cardinal Dolan on ‘Meet the Press’: Catholic church ‘out-marketed’ on gay marriage

Cardinal Timothy Dolan believes the Catholic Church is losing the messaging war on gay marriage. “I think maybe we’ve been out-marketed sometimes,” the New York cardinal told […]

White House claims sham victory in meeting latest Healthcare.gov deadline

With the assurance of Soviet central planners that the latest five-year plan was a glorious success in putting the USSR on track to meeting all economic targets […]

Daniel Defense2
NFL unbelievably bans this ad from Super Bowl

The National Football League refuses to use a tasteful, low-key ad that the Daniel Defense gun manufacturing company submitted to air at the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII. […]

Obama’s ‘rejected me totally’: Richard Simmons says he wanted to help

One-time fitness personality Richard Simmons said the Obamas have “rejected” his attempts to meet them and help the nation get fit and healthy. “I love Michelle Obama. […]

Erin Gloria Ryan
Liberal editor uses actor Paul Walker’s death for vile attack of Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker

As reports were beginning to emerge that “Fast & Furious” actor Paul Walker was killed in a car accident in Southern California Saturday, the news editor at […]