Cute babies laugh hysterically over rubber bands
BPR staff: Our favorite videos of 2013

Jack Furnari, co-founder and president of BizPac Review, has built a reputation as a brilliant political strategist for his work over the years in the trenches of […]

EMT suspended for breaking rules to get suffering boy to hospital resigns

An emergency medical technician in upstate New York to emergency action to save a young boy’s life – and ended up without his job for his pains. […]

Guns killed fewer police officers in 2013 than any year since Wild West

In a country where gun grabbers have no problem manufacturing or inflating fears to push their agenda, a new report released by an organization dedicated to law […]

Obama’s barbecue trip costs neighboring business $25,000

There was nothing free about the first family’s lunch for one Hawaiian business. Frank Hinshaw, owner of Skydive Hawaii on Oahu, was forced to close down Saturday […]

Driver arrested in Ohio for having empty secret compartment in car

With the National Security Agency’s end run around the Constitution to gather phone metadata, critics are pointing to 2013 as the year the 4th Amendment became irrelevant […]

Beyoncé ripped by NASA for using ‘Challenger’ explosion audio in new song ‘XO’

Current and former members of the National Aeronautics and Space Administrationhave slammed musical superstar Beyoncé for her “insensitive” use of an audio clip from the space shuttle […]

Bennett Nester and bears
3-year-old fighting brain tumor gets bronze star; collected 900 teddy bears for sick kids

Proving you’re never too young to do good for others, a 3-year-old fighting a brain tumor has brought joy to hundreds of hospitalized children in Houston, Texas, […]

Obama honors Ravens
Top 10 examples of government waste in 2013: Pole dancing, booze, luxury outhouse . . .

The Heritage Foundation has put together a list of the top 10 examples of wasteful government spending in 2013 that will leave you flabbergasted. Ranging from outhouses […]

state-department-building AP
State Dept whistleblower’s email hacked, evidence of wrongdoing under Hillary deleted

A new report has revealed that the personal e account of a top U.S. State Department whistleblower has been hacked and four years worth of incriminating es […]

florida life
Keep those fleeing residents coming to Florida, New York

In the 2000s, New York saw the largest population exodus of any state in America. Over 3.4 million residents and tens of thousands of businesses left the […]

Disgusting: MSNBC mocks Romney grandchild as token black

An MSNBC host included a Mitt Romney family portrait in what she called the “photos of the year,” zeroing in on the race of his adopted black […]

Trey Gowdy’s 5-minute takedown of The NY Times

A South Carolina GOP congressman to down The New York Times’ recent coverage of Benghazi in an epic five-minute rant Monday on Fox News’ “On The Record.” […]

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