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Top 50 pleasures in life survey; note to shoppers, cuddles are free

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Here is a fun list you might want to share with all those die-hard shoppers who began this year’s madness on Thanksgiving Day, or sooner.

Great Britain’s national mapping authority, Ordnance Survey, polled 2,000 Brits and discovered that the best things in life are indeed free.

Nick Giles, managing director of the company that commissioned the survey in launching a new line of leisure maps, said the full list shows how simple pleasures remain the most popular, according to Mail Online.

Our everyday lives are more stressful and busier than ever. That’s why many of us appreciate reading a book or going for a stroll a lot more than we used to.

I can bargain shop with the best of them, and I’ve spent a Black Friday or two with the die-hards at the mall. But this year’s early shopping start on Thanksgiving Day is a disturbing sign. I don’t like it one bit.

I’ll ponder this list instead, and pray that we come to our collective senses, because no matter what your age, nationality or net worth, there is nothing more priceless than a cuddle.

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