The Five: What’s a parent to do in a world full of liberal indoctrination?

It’s a jungle out there, especially for conservative parents who would like to see their kids come out self-reliant and with traditional values.

That was one of the subjects tackled by the hosts on Friday’s edition of “The Five” on Fox News.

Eric Bolling broached the subject, expressing concern that his kids not turn out like the “punks who harassed [ret. Gen.] David Petraeus” while walking to class.

Andrea Tantaros commented on the students’ naiveté. “To think that they could actually intimidate somebody like General Petraeus who has fought people yelling ‘Allah Akbar!’ with machine guns,” she said.

Bob Beckel felt that the majority of colleges and university were probably already conservative. “Indiana University! University of Texas! Oklahoma! Nebraska! You think they’re full of liberal professors?” he asked.

Everyone agreed that the best we could do was to teach by example good values, which cause another outburst from Beckel: ““Liberal parents teach their kids values too!”

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