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Barbara Walters silent as first lady says Obama ‘keeps his promises’

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As expected, Barbara Walters did all she could to help lift President Barack Obama‘s sagging approval rating numbers, serving up “a series of sycophantic gushing and fawning interviews,” as described by Newsbuster’s Noel Sheppard.

The president and first lady sat down with Walters for their first joint interview this year, which was aired Friday on ABC’s “20/20″ Thanksgiving special.

Newsbusters posted a video clip of the interview, where Michelle Obama makes the preposterous claim that her husband “keeps his promises.”

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In light of the reality that millions of Americans have had their health insurance cancelled despite Obama’s promise that they could keep their plans, surely a fawning Walters would raise that point, right?

Not a chance.

As the clip shows, Walters asked Michelle if her husband ever said he will be president some day and she said, “He did talk about wanting to help people, and that inspires me and us to think about how we can keep having impact beyond ourselves.”

“I did promise her an interesting life,” Obama weighed in.

“That he did,” his wife replied. “And, you know, he keeps his promises.”

As Sheppard shared: “Must be nice for a President and his wife to know that they can say whatever they want in an interview with a member of the press and not be challenged – especially when what one of them says is totally ridiculous.”

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