The Five: What’s a parent to do in a world full of liberal indoctrination?

It’s a jungle out there, especially for conservative parents who would like to see their kids come out self-reliant and with traditional values. That was one of […]

cuddles lion
Top 50 pleasures in life survey; note to shoppers, cuddles are free

Here is a fun list you might want to share with all those die-hard shoppers who began this year’s madness on Thanksgiving Day, or sooner. Great Britain’s […]

Brit Hume
Brit Hume dispels myth that you can keep your doctor in one tweet

While the realities on the ground have long since dispelled the myth put forth by President Obama that if you like you healthcare plan, you can keep […]

Video: Pedestrian almost run over, motorcyclist rightfully angry
Video: Pedestrian almost run over, motorcyclist rightfully angry

The guy on the motorcycle is absolutely right, too. Running into traffic without looking is stupid. Warning: Graphic language The machine gun everyone wants for Christmas Video […]

Report: Secret US-Iran talks influenced Obama’s decision on Syria strike

More secrets regarding what happened in those years-long “secret talks” between Iran and the U.S. in Oman are being revealed with the newest report detailing the extent […]

Grandparents, female neighbor bring down five Florida burglars

Five young burglars, ranging in age from 18 to 26, were no match for a couple of Florida grandparents and a female neighbor. But then again, gramps […]

shezannen cassim
American sits in Dubai jail facing prison for silly parody video

An American remains jailed in the United Arab Emirates under serious charges after he and his pals filmed and posted a parody video online. Shezanne Cassim, 29, […]

N Korean vet
N. Korea releases new video of detained US vet ‘apologizing’ for war crimes

New images and video recently released by North Korea show the elderly, American war veteran detained and held in the communist country for over a month now […]

Meals to homeless
Church ordered to stop delivering Thanksgiving meals to homeless in Fla. park

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate what you have and share what you can with the less fortunate – as long it you don’t do it in […]

Barbara Walters silent as first lady says Obama ‘keeps his promises’

As expected, Barbara Walters did all she could to help lift President Barack Obama‘s sagging approval rating numbers, serving up “a series of sycophantic gushing and fawning […]

NY professor argues people should be allowed to ‘award’ Obama with another term

A New York University professor says if the people want President Barack Obama to serve another term, they should be “allowed to award him one.” With Obama’s approval […]

obamas fast for families
Obamas visit fasting pro-immigration protesters on National Mall: ‘We’re very proud of you’

The president and first lady “are very proud” of the group of immigration reform activists fasting in protest on the National Mall. On Friday, Barack and Michelle […]