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Obamacare’s littlest victims: Cancer-stricken child loses insurance coverage

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hunteralforda1129A 7–year-old Texas boy who’s spent his life fighting for life is on the losing end of a fight stirred up by Obamacare’s upending of the American insurance business.

Hunter Alford, of Gainesville, Texas, has been treated since birth for a rare, fatal cancer, but his insurance has been canceled thanks to Obamacare, according to WND.

Hunter’s sister, Makayla, also has the cancer but she’s in remission, according to WND.

“Why would you cancel a kid?” Hunter’s mother, Krista Alford, told WND.

She said her insurance agent – obtained through Medicaid for kids, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – had dropped Hunter as a patient on Oct. 31 because of administrative problems caused by Obamacare (which the mainstream media sometimes calls the Affordable Care Act.)

hunteralfordb1129“I really want to send Obama and all of them pictures of my son. He has scars all over his head. He doesn’t want to leave the house because he’s afraid people are going to make fun of him because he’s bald.”

Hunter’s  not only bald. He’s a male (and therefore not pregnant) and he’s an American citizen. Both put him at a disadvantage in the Obama Era health regime, Krista Alford said. She said she was told that by one of the many bureaucrats she’s tangled with since Obamacare kicked off.

“The lady’s like, the only way we can expedite is if your son was pregnant and in labor, or if he was an illegal,” she told WND.

A spokeswoman for Texas Health and Human Services Commission told local television news station KXII that Hunter’s insurance problems weren’t directly related to Obamacare, but did acknowledge that the boy’s information could have been lost during administrative changes caused by the federal health-care law.

With Hunter’s case in the bureaucratic limbo introduced by Obamacare, the Alfords are trying to get his coverage back – and looking at the $50,000 bill for Hunter’s latest chemotherapy without insurance.

So, the Alfords – Krista and policeman husband Ron — liked their insurance. They thought they could keep it. Now, thanks to Obamacare and administrative incompetence, rhey can’t. And payment for the treatments that have kept their son alive hang in the balance.

This is what Democrats have been dreaming of since Harry Truman?

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