Krauthammer mocks ‘creepy,’ Soviet-like Obamacare Thanksgiving ad

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer called an Obamacare ad aired on Thanksgiving “creepy,” saying the liberal group responsible should keep the conversation away from the family table.

“I love the part of the ad where the dad says, ‘We love you no matter what,’” Krauthammer said Thursday on Fox News’ Special Report. “What’s the dad supposed to say? You don’t get health insurance, you’re out of the house, you’re out of the will? I’m going to euthanize your dog?”

Organizing for America, which was responsible for the ad, went from campaigning for President Obama’s re-election to promoting the administration’s policies as a communications arm of the White House.

“It’s ridiculous,” Krauthammer said. “And it’s got a kind of creepy Soviet element here. The essence of the overbearing state is that they leave you no haven from politics. And there is no place that ought to be yours and outside of politics at the family table, especially with a large turkey on it and everybody gathered all over the country. And they want you to talk about their political agenda?”

Watch the exchange here:

H/T: The Daily Caller

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