Issa accuses Obama IRS appointee of ‘deliberate’ distortion, ‘gross incompetence’

The mainstream media is doing its best to ignore it, but U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa’s Oversight committee is still doing its best to get to the bottom of the Internal Revenue Service’s squelching of conservative groups in the run-up to last year’s election.

And the Obama administration is doing its best to forget all about it – literally.

darrelliissa1129Eliana Johnson at National Review reports that IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins – one of two men personally appointed to the IRS by the president and who is a former attorney fo Obama’s infamous pastor Jeremiah Wright – has been less than forthcoming with Issa.

Issa isn’t happy.

In a letter to Wilkins sent Wednesday, Issa noted that Wilkins’ memory is suspiciously faulty and gave him a chance to fill in some blanks.

“In your testimony, you stated ‘I don’t recall’ a staggering 80 times in full or partial response to the Committee’s questions,” Issa wrote, with U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

“Your failure to recollect important aspects of the Committee’s investigation suggests either a deliberate attempt to obfuscate your involvement in this matter or gross incompetence on your part.”

(Since deliberate obfuscation is another way of saying “lying,” being accused of “gross incompetence” might seem preferable. On the other hand, it’s a safe guess that grossly incompetent people don’t, as a rule, become chief counsel of the IRS, personally appointed by presidents.)

According to NRO’s Johnson, Wilkins claimed he was unable to remember whether he had discussions with Treasury Department officials about regulations that covered political activities by non-profit groups, specifically tea party groups and other conservative organizations.

The IRS, through the now-notorious Lois Lerner, has already admitted stonewalling groups opposed to Obama in their efforts to get tax-exempt status. Wilkins, the chief counsel for the IRS, now apparently can’t remember the subject coming up. And that’s even though Lerner – who has famously taken the Fifth Amendment – had received guidance from his office on the topic, Johnson wrote.

Since Wilkins can’t seem to remember whether he was involved in coming up with the guidance that emanated from his office, Johnson closes on a note of uncertainty, but with a suggestion that whatever happened, the White House might have known what was going on.

She wrote:

Wilkins met with President Obama on April 23 [2012], two days before the guidance was provided. Whether he had a hand in drafting those rudimentary guidelines that emerged in April 2012 or whether he tipped off his superiors at the Treasury Department to what was going on, we do not know.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


10 thoughts on “Issa accuses Obama IRS appointee of ‘deliberate’ distortion, ‘gross incompetence’

  1. buck says:

    Does it seem odd that “no one in control” can
    Remember or knows anything about anything
    We the people do know we’re being lied to…

  2. Dawn says:

    Public servants should not be allowed to take the 5th on questions related to public service and “I don’t recall.” should be assumed as a non denial of guilt.

    1. ExRepug says:

      That would violate the Constitution. So ruled the Supreme Court in 1956.

      Why do you hate the Constitution?

  3. Doug says:

    This guy tries and tries on stuff and goes nowhere. An exercise in futility.

    1. Shade says:

      If there’s nothing to see here, then why did Lerner plea the 5th and then resign?

      1. Doug says:

        Rightly or wrongly nothing much that resonates with the public seems to emanate from his hearings.

  4. robertdavidhummel says:

    NO…SPECIAL WAIVERS for CONGRESS, The EXECUTIVE BRANCH, The SUPREME COURT,and LIKEWISE..”NO Special Treatment”,… for MUSLIMS, because, “they think that Obamacare Medical Insurance is GAMBLING/SIN”….”UNLESS the SAME Waiver”… is provided to Christians, because… “We think ABORTION and FREE contraception, at the Expense of Wage Earning CHRISTIANS, is a SIN (Except for Dire medical Needs)”.

  5. Bob Jacobson says:

    Issa remains ever the Fool. What a patsy for corporate power.

  6. bittman says:

    In spite of the fact that the IRS General Counsel made countless trips to the White House and the fact that after 8-9 months, the FBI has still not contacted any of the 41 Tea Party and Conservative groups, the media insists this is a non-story. This is as bad as insisting Benghazi is a non-story when 4 Americans were killed and the President, Hillary and Rice lied about a video for 2-3 weeks when the State Department was alerted within 90 seconds that terrorists were attacking the Benghazi consulate.

  7. Garys_opinion says:

    Shades of Hilary Clinton on the Rose Law Firm inquiries.

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