CBS comedy takes all too realistic swipe at public sector unions

A recent segment of CBS’s “Mike and Molly” took a swipe at the huge power public sector unions have, and how difficult it is to fire their members no matter how flagrant their offense.

In this episode, Chicago schoolteacher Molly, played by Melissa McCarthy, is facing a school board hearing after she had a minor mental breakdown and jumped out the window.

“Don’t worry,” her counsel tells her prior to the hearing. “I’ve been a union rep for years. I’ve gotten teachers off for doing doing a whole lot worse than you did.”

When she tells him she doesn’t have a good excuse for the incident, he replies, “You don’t need a good excuse — you’re in a union,” after confirming that he’d gotten other teachers off for for far more egregious behavior.

“Horrible, horrible things, he says. “keep you up at night. And, they’re still teaching the little ones!”

Later, when Molly expresses doubts about her desire to continue teaching, the union rep whispers to her, “You don’t have to [teach]. Just show up, play them a movie and cash your check.”

Watch the scene from CBS, and if you haven’t already, check out Obama gets blasted for suggesting the will of the people is his ‘biggest barrier’.

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