President’s terrorist pal, Bill Ayers, ‘confessing’ he wrote Obama autobiography

The Weather Underground domestic terrorist who helped launch Barack Obama’s political career in Chicago is promoting a new book based on the belief of many that the […]

Name change is in order: Illegal Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Although all the members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns share a desire to remove illegal guns from the streets of their cities, they have a somewhat more […]

The MacGyver solution for a flat tire with no spare
The MacGyver solution for a flat tire with no spare

MacGyver would be proud of this guy. The machine gun everyone wants for Christmas Hilarious video of NYPD trying to stop skateboarders goes viral H/T: LiveLeak

bob dylan
Read why rocker Bob Dylan is being sued for racism

As hard as it may be to imagine such a thing is possible, reports are blowing in the wind that uber-hip singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is being sued […]

Video of hard working opossum mom
Video of hard working opossum mom

This dedicated mother is carrying 15 babies on her back. Video of dog helping owners carry firewood The machine gun everyone wants for Christmas H/T: LiveLeak

Thomas Sowell
Top quotes of the week

This week in quotes November 22-28, 2013: In a 2012 presentation, Mr. Johnson, then still Penney’s CEO, said the company was selling fewer than one out of […]

Liberal state’s top hospitals don’t like Obamacare either

President Obama has been claiming that people can keep their favorite doctors under the Affordable Care Act. But anyone who wants a premier hospital in California better […]

BizPac Review
Obamacare’s littlest victims: Cancer-stricken child loses insurance coverage

A 7–year-old Texas boy who’s spent his life fighting for life is on the losing end of a fight stirred up by Obamacare’s upending of the American […]

CBS comedy takes all too realistic swipe at public sector unions

A recent segment of CBS’s “Mike and Molly” took a swipe at the huge power public sector unions have, and how difficult it is to fire their […]

family argument
Tweets from conservatives who discussed Obamacare on Thanksgiving

Per President Obama’s Organizing for Action’s wishes, some humorous conservatives discussed Obamacare with their family and friends on Thanksgiving, and bless their hearts, they shared the snark and […]

Government union boss vows fight ‘in the streets’ over voter ID

In a classic example of government union thuggery in the Obama Era, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees pledges to bring violence to the […]

Netanyahu defies Obama’s request to ‘take a breather’ from Iran deal criticism

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently isn’t heeding President Obama’s suggestion to sit down and shut up about the Iranian nuclear deal reached by world leaders last […]