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Poll says Reagan best president in 100 years; Thanksgiving messages show why

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According to a recent poll, the late President Ronald Reagan edged out both FDR and JFK as the nation’s greatest chief executive during the last 100 years, whereas Barack Obama was ranked as the nation’s biggest failure as a president.

YouGov/Economist, an international Internet-based market research firm in the United Kingdom, conducted the actual poll. It found that of the 1,000 respondents, the top three commanders-in-chief were almost neck and neck, with Reagan taking 32 percent, FDR 31 percent and Kennedy 30, according to the Washington Examiner.

Only 14 percent rated President Obama as “great.”

On the other hand, a full 37 percent rated our current president as a “failure.” Coming in behind him were George W. Bush at 32 percent and Jimmy Carter at 22 percent.

One look at Reagan’s 1985 presidential Thanksgiving message illustrates why. It’s filled with hope for the future, love of country and a thanks for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

President Obama’s message is all about politics.

His White House Thanksgiving email was little more than a promotion for food stamps, supplemented with his now-traditional bashing of the Republican Party.

The president then decided to pander to the gay and lesbian community in the Thanksgiving proclamation posted on the White House website, by referring to “no matter who we are or who we love,” according to CNS News.

Is it any wonder why “the Gipper” was rated as America’s greatest president? Is it any wonder why Obama was rated as our biggest failure?

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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