‘Cowardly’ anti-gun lawmaker resigns to avoid new recall in Colorado

An anti-gun Colorado state senator resigned Wednesday in the face of a recall effort that could have cost anti-gun Democrats their hold in the state Senate.

According to Fox Denver affiliate Fox31, Sen. Evie Hudak’s resignation means a Democratic “vacancy committee” will appoint her successor.

eviehudak1128“In the interest of preserving the progress made over the last year, I am resigning as State Senator for District 19, effective immediately,” Hudak wrote, according to Fox31.

When Democrats say “progress,” they almost always mean more government inroads into the freedoms Americans have by birthright, and Hudak’s no different.  This spring, Colorado’s Democrat lawmakers passed – and Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper signed – two widely unpopular laws this year imposing universal background checks on gun buys and limiting magazines to 15 rounds.

Those laws led directly to recall votes that threw out two Democrat state senators – one of them the Senate president – in September. Republicans took their places. Considering that the recalled senators had a monetary advantage of almost 10-1, with then-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg personally contributing $350,000, and the edge of incumbency, the ousters were clear examples of democracy in action.

There was a good chance that would have been Hudak’s fate, too. Barely re-elected by only 600 votes, she made national news – and drew the scorn of Second Amendment supporters – with her behavior during a Senate hearing when she told a rape victim that a gun wouldn’t have helped her defend herself. (Hudak was not only boorish, she was wrong.)

If Hudak had chosen to face another recall election and been replaced by a Republican, Republicans would have taken over the chamber and the transparently partisan motive behind the maneuver infuriated Second Amendment advocates.

“This is a cowardly way out of the recall,” said Joe Neville, political director for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


11 thoughts on “‘Cowardly’ anti-gun lawmaker resigns to avoid new recall in Colorado

  1. justme says:

    Cowardly doesn’t even begin to describe this article! This lady spent thousands of taxpayers dollars fighting this recall and then her and her party yanked the plug on the will of the people when they finally found out they were fighting a losing battle once again. I truly hope the people of Colorado remember this and all of the other lies and treachery come next election.

  2. BobPoole says:

    Rumor is Bloomturd took care of her.

  3. patriot1742 says:

    I think this is just more of the same from the liberal democrats – she resigns – Hickenlooper appoints another liberal – let the people vote in who they want – not be given another miserable liberal gun control and liberty hating person.

  4. tom2 says:

    Anyone actually seen this letter of resignation? I hope the recall effort continues with great
    vigor. If they quit, the lefties will
    find a technicality that allows her to return.
    We need to ensure that this snake’s fangs and venom are completely
    gone. And for the future, we still face
    the consequences of her arrogant, careless oppression. We still must wade through endless red tape
    to ensure that all parts of our estates are seamlessly passed to our
    heirs. We still face the red tape
    associated with loaning a hunting piece to a friend or even our children. And they face red tape when they return it. And people like Angela Collins no longer are
    able to enjoy the convenience of 16-round-firearms at the range, even if expert
    shooters — because this bunch of control-freak lefties feel that “nobody
    needs that much.”

    And future
    Hudakesque scoundrels will inspect our tack to ensure that we’ve not violated
    the stuff they dumped on us. Undoing
    what she and her ilk did will be a long hard journey and we need to ensure she
    doesn’t come back. When she’s really
    gone, we’re still gonna’ get even at the polls, including the mayors who work
    for Bloomberg. Currently, they include
    Matthew Appelbaum (Boulder), Michael B. Hancock (Denver), Randy P. Penn
    (Englewood), Marjorie Sloan (Golden), Carolyn Cutler (Lafayette), Bob Murphy
    (Lakewood), Robert Muckle (Louisville), Marc A. Snyder (Manitou Springs), Joe
    Gierlach (Nederland), Joyce Downing (Northglenn), Don Stephens (Salida), Andrew
    Muckle (Superior), Stuart Fraser (Telluride).

    1. Doug says:

      Watch out for the Muckle Bros.

    2. Tec Sg Beatty says:

      Don’t know about you, tom2, but I don’t own a single firearm. My grandkids, however, are some very heavily armed little kids (wink, wink).

      1. tom2 says:

        Seen the ads for gun vaults designed to be buried? If there’s demand for such a product, many people must be thinking about going (ahem) underground.

  5. Jean Nelson says:

    Either way she is gone and that is a very good thing

  6. Doug says:

    Saved the people some money. That’s commendable.

  7. BoogieMan says:

    You mess with the 2nd Amendment. You LOSE YOUR SEAT. It’s that simple. Before the 2nd Amendment is destroyed , a civil war will happen. Lose 2nd Amendment … welcome MORE TYRANNY. JOIN NRA. SUPPORT and HOLD the 2ND AMENDMENT. You TOUCH the 2nd, you get your a$$ thrown out of office.

  8. ralph says:

    Now you need to run a recall on her pension that she is going to get for taken the orders of Obama to take your rights to vote away as would be expected of a normal back stabbing spoiled Muslim that he is

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