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Beckel blows a gasket on ‘The Five’ over Obamacare death panels

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A prominent liberal columnist’s admission that the “death panels” Sarah Palin warned about really are and always have been a part of Obamacare caused a blowup Tuesday on Fox’s “The Five,” when host Eric Bolling said “liberal royalty” owes Palin an apology.

Bolling was referring to a statement by Time magazine columnist and passionate Obama fan Mark Halperin, who told Newsmax TV on Monday that health-care rationing was an inseparable part of Obamacare’s takeover of the U.S. health system.

bobbeckel1127Halperin himself didn’t use the term “death panels,” but the point was clear enough from the clip.

It wasn’t clear enough for co-host and “resident liberal on Obamacare” Bob Beckel.

“If she’s waiting for an apology from me she will wait a long time,” Beckel said.

“You can you go to a lot of places, but this is really the bottom of barrel,” he said. “Have we not beat up Obamacare enough? Why don’t we just say they have these death camps they will send people to and let them go die?”

(Give it a few years.)

Co-host Andre Tantaros said President Obama’s own words had opened the door to the conversation.

“If you don’t believe Mark Halperin, why not listen to what President Barack Obama himself has said?” she asked, quoting the president: “The chronically ill and those towards the end of their lives account for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill. We have to have a very difficult conversation about this.’”

The conversation was apparently too difficult for Beckel, though.

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation! We can’t go any deeper in Obamacare than saying ‘You’re all going to die,’” he said, truthfully enough. “It’s ridiculous! It’s absolutely nuts!”

Bolling, who described Beckel as the show’s “resident liberal on Obamacare” started to prove it up summing up Beckel’s argument as essentially ignorance.

That’s when Beckel showed his real intellectual, liberal chops.

“I have an idea of what it was, and what it is is bullshit,” he said.

Quod erat demonstratum, Mr. Beckel.

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