Beckel blows a gasket on ‘The Five’ over Obamacare death panels

A prominent liberal columnist’s admission that the “death panels” Sarah Palin warned about really are and always have been a part of Obamacare caused a blowup Tuesday on Fox’s “The Five,” when host Eric Bolling said “liberal royalty” owes Palin an apology.

Bolling was referring to a statement by Time magazine columnist and passionate Obama fan Mark Halperin, who told Newsmax TV on Monday that health-care rationing was an inseparable part of Obamacare’s takeover of the U.S. health system.

bobbeckel1127Halperin himself didn’t use the term “death panels,” but the point was clear enough from the clip.

It wasn’t clear enough for co-host and “resident liberal on Obamacare” Bob Beckel.

“If she’s waiting for an apology from me she will wait a long time,” Beckel said.

“You can you go to a lot of places, but this is really the bottom of barrel,” he said. “Have we not beat up Obamacare enough? Why don’t we just say they have these death camps they will send people to and let them go die?”

(Give it a few years.)

Co-host Andre Tantaros said President Obama’s own words had opened the door to the conversation.

“If you don’t believe Mark Halperin, why not listen to what President Barack Obama himself has said?” she asked, quoting the president: “The chronically ill and those towards the end of their lives account for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill. We have to have a very difficult conversation about this.’”

The conversation was apparently too difficult for Beckel, though.

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation! We can’t go any deeper in Obamacare than saying ‘You’re all going to die,’” he said, truthfully enough. “It’s ridiculous! It’s absolutely nuts!”

Bolling, who described Beckel as the show’s “resident liberal on Obamacare” started to prove it up summing up Beckel’s argument as essentially ignorance.

That’s when Beckel showed his real intellectual, liberal chops.

“I have an idea of what it was, and what it is is bullshit,” he said.

Quod erat demonstratum, Mr. Beckel.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


92 thoughts on “Beckel blows a gasket on ‘The Five’ over Obamacare death panels

  1. Robert Weaver says:

    Beckle is an honest man who is a liberal not a progressive! For the life of me I don’t understand why he feels the need to support this progressive we have as President! Understand, liberals are not progressives primarily because they are individualist and support our constitution which is based on individual freedom.. On the other hand. progressives are collectivists and hate our constitution. See how Obama violates it almost daily. We need to study our history so as to not repeat the mistakes of the past. Woodrow Wilson and the progressives took us to a socialist state a 100 years ago. They were repudiated and lost power, primarily due to the rise of liberalism which came at their expense..

    1. PhDMIT says:

      Please give ONE example of how the President has violated the Constitution. Since he “does it daily” should not be too hard for you to provide an example with proof that would be admissible in a court of law, and not just something you heard one of those college dropouts Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck say.

      1. Okie Girl says:

        1. He closed down the Gulf Coast drilling, defying a court order which ordered him specifically not to do so. This is placing himself above the “high crime.”

        2. He sealed by executive order any incriminating evidence from “Fast & Furious” against him or Eric Holder…COMPLETELY unconstitutional. Eric Holder will be impeached soon.

        3. He ‘waived’ the marriage act…in other words, he is picking & choosing what law to enforce and what to not. This is unconstitutional.

        4. HE LIED to the American people repeatedly about the health care law.

        5. HE LIED repeatedly about Benghazi.

        6. He is funding the Syrian rebels, and in fact, changed a law in October to enable to do so. THIS IS TREASON, HE IS AIDING AND ABETTING OUR ENEMIES. This is the same group who orchestrated 9-11. (He is ruling by fiat rather than Congressional order.) TOTALLY unconsitutional…it is not up to the executive branch to determine funding, it is up to the House.

        7. His records have been found to be completely fraudulent, which is fraud perpetuated upon the American people, that is definitely a high crime.

        8. He has repeatedly changed the health care law by executive fiat…HE CANNOT DO THIS. We do not live in a monarchy, we live in a representative democratic government. It is amazing people are not marching over this…he has changed the law like 17 times now, and each time is totally illegal and unconstitutional.

        Massive voter fraud and media manipulation have now been proven to be true. Also, it is now proven that the unemployment numbers were changed to cast the President in better light. If the fraud and lies brought to the attention of the American people, he would have NEVER been re-elected. So much for transparency.

        I could list 10 more, but have other things to do.
        If this President had not been hand-chosen by the Elites, he would have been impeached years ago. The evidence to do so is more than enough…the political spine is not. We live in very wicked times, where ego and dictators rule and We the People do not.

        1. dennodog says:

          Way to go Okiegirl. PhDMIT is a blowhard who is more than likely a phony moron.

  2. Doug says:

    If global warming becomes a big problem there won’t be any ice floes on which to strand us seniors.

  3. RhettButler1 says:

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to our table at Thanksgiving. It is not the time to argue politics. It is the time for all of us to lay down our swords and bad words and give thanks for what we have. We had a beautiful day today. The only argument we had was how long to cut the wood for the fireplace. It was settled with a tape measure and not bad words or fights. We laughed because we were all wrong. I was hoping the same truce would be called for the boards and blogs online…………………………..

  4. Carolkitfox says:

    Beckle, while I like him is a liberal idiot who lost his brains and stuck his head up where sun doesn’t shine to stick up for the looser lying president. Beckle is afraid to admit he is wrong because he has stuck up for Ovomit for too long. Too bad truth doesn’t mean much to him.

  5. sledge77 says:

    Note the term Obama used himself “Chronically Ill”! That means the endgame boys and girls is to euthanize everyone with a chronic illness. Logan’s Run will become a reality under this legislation. Your mom has diabetes, off her. Your sister has chronic kidney disease, off her. YES it is heading that way and any liberal that still refuses it already has blood on their hands.

  6. jaygoji says:

    Using Death Panels in the title is misleading. Kind of sneaky in fact.

  7. Joanne Styslinger says:

    I doubt Beckle is a socialist/progressive more of the old democrat that just can’t get it around their thoughts that the democrat party has been taken over by communists and statists. First came the democrat liberal mind that did have some really good ideas, then came the progressives and now the communists have taken complete control of the Democrat Party. At Democrat Convention they did NOT want the word ‘God’ to have any part of the Convention, to me that says a lot about the Democrat Party. Something has gone awry in the Democrat Party and come December 2014 we will hear all over the MSM what has happen to the Democrat Party they had such control and power they could have done great things. Answer: they were greedy, power grabbing B*s*trds and B**tc*es and did not see light USA Giants “we the people” had awaken and were still out of work, the middle class is less than it was eight years before and ‘we the people’ had enough!

  8. dennis howell says:

    bob beckel your a stupid ass…you know nothing…

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