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Sorry Mr. President, Batkid’s booked

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Hey Mr. President? Batkid’s booked. He’s an important little man after stealing the hearts of the world and everyone wants an interview with him, so get in line.

President Obama thought he would grace the tiny Make-A-Wish Foundation superstar superhero with a visit while fundraising in San Francisco Monday, but leukemia patient Miles Scott, forever known now as Batkid, was already booked elsewhere.

“Team Obama – who arranged for the president to cut a congratulatory video for Batkid when he saved Gotham – had reached out about a possible hookup between the 5-year-old superhero and the leader of the free world,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

But, Obama was denied an audience because 5-year-old Scott was heading to New York to appear on “Good Morning America.”

The first Vine video featuring the president was published on Nov. 15 with a congratulatory message for Batkid:

The Chronicle posted some interesting facts about the sensation Scott’s day as Batkid became around the world:

According to the news site Mashable.com, since Batkid’s big day Nov. 15, there have been:

— 406,960 tweets featuring either the #batkid or the #SFBatkid hashtag.

— 21,683 Instagram and Twitter photos featuring Batkid.

— More than 120 million viewings of Batkid photos.

If you add up all the followers of everyone who tweeted about Batkid, mashable.com says, you get 750 million users.

Just 4 percent of all Batkid tweets fall into the “negative” category – with most of those questioning the use of public money.

Watch the “Story of Batkid”:

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