Obama gets blasted for suggesting the will of the people is his ‘biggest barrier’

President Barack Obama does not seem to be too keen on the whole “will of the people” thing, based on remarks he made at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser held in Seattle on Sunday.

While discussing with big money donors his efforts to fundamentally change the United States, the president said the House of Representatives presents the “biggest barrier and impediment” to his idea of progress.

Is this the ‘single most narcissistic photo in history of WH’?

CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller was on hand and shared some of Obama’s remarks via Twitter, as captured by Twitchy.com:

When considering that the House was designed to represent the people, a Twitter user pointed out that Obama’s inadvertent honesty amounts to little more than “openly speaking against the will of the people.”

Of course, it’s to our benefit that the moral busybodies on the left always know what’s best for us, as another user shared:

Fortunately, conservatives are always willing to help the misguided left better understand just how government is supposed to work in America:

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420 thoughts on “Obama gets blasted for suggesting the will of the people is his ‘biggest barrier’

  1. cuinsong says:

    The only thing that stands between American prosperity is Obama. Period!

  2. Gordon Brown says:

    Go get ’em Mark. We need more of you and refreshing truth from amidst the mainstream leftist pod you have to work from.

    And good job, Tom. Suddenly I don’t feel so alone.

  3. ElderAmbassador says:

    Whatever you do, DON’T respond to trolls! Ignore them, they can’t stand that.
    We know that our little king hates real Americans and plans some really Bad things for us during his last 6 to 9 months in office.
    Buy your bullet resistant vest, plenty of ammo, and prepare yourself mentally. It will NOT be a normal election season!

  4. DarrellinColo says:

    Thank God for the house of Representatives!!!!!

  5. drikk says:

    Not at all inconsistant with Madison’s idea that the House of Representatives should have folks representing between 10 and 30.000 people, else the people’s will gets lost in the “:confusion of the multitudes.” Obama in this instance, agrees with the framers, although I would venture that he would like an actual, for real, representative Congress, responsible to the people and to the states even less. No way the monstrosity of Obamacare would ahve been passed were the senators repsonsible to any but the then majority party.

  6. Heath Reidy says:

    Obama will remain in the white house as our leader China will play a huge roll in the matter a huge uprising will sweep our land all rights will be stripped all apart of the new world order. Foreign troops will be in place primarily China and Russia..

    1. Aaron Barnes says:

      I don’t think that will happen and if it every does happen i think many americans will fight it.

  7. DebraJMSmith says:

    He is such a loser!

  8. Joseph D Femoyer says:

    how bad do things have to get before america STOPS TALKING and does something about obama???? get off your asses people, stop swallowing obamas crap. start organizing in mass. sitting home behind a computer screen waiting for someone else to come with a plan is BS. find the courage to get off your ass and DO SOMETHING before it is too late

  9. Christian Harrison says:

    You guys are wasting way to much time talking to the Ovomit troll named AliseR! Clearly an Ovomit operative!! Smh!!

  10. peacesnail says:


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