Conservative guest nails liberal with ‘dead on’ redistribution quote by MLK

While discussing whether Obamacare is redistribution of wealth or not Monday, conservative radio host Mike Slater quoted Martin Luther King, Jr., to help bolster his position.

A move that left liberal co-panelist Leslie Marshall momentarily speechless.

Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” host Bill Hemmer played a video clip of then-candidate Barack Obama telling Joe the Plumber that “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Is this the ‘single most narcissistic photo in history of WH’?

“Here’s the bottom line,” Slater responded. “The ends do not justify the means. Martin Luther King, Jr. said you cannot achieve a moral end — helping people — through an immoral mean — taking from people. The left’s solution is always to take from people to help another group. That’s lazy!”

The quote is from MLK’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail,” as seen here:

“So I have tried to make it clear that it is wrong to use immoral means to attain moral ends. But now I must affirm that it is just as wrong, or even more so, to use moral means to preserve immoral ends. ”

For a brief moment, when asked to respond, Marshall was at a loss for words.

“I think MLK would be rolling in his grave,” she eventually said. “If a child has cancer and they couldn’t get insurance, I don’t think that’s immoral, I think it’s quite the opposite to provide that.”

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Tom Tillison


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