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Colorado anchor’s epic rant blasts viewers

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kyle clarkAs Winter Storm Boreas (Greek god of “cold north wind and bringer of winter,” by the way) prepares to blast the north with wicked weather, a Colorado news anchor’s epic rant – and challenge – comes just in time.

Kyle Clark from 9News begged, pleaded and cajoled Coloradan’s to please stop sending in boring, snow covered, patio furniture photos and get creative, original, and entertaining when snapping snow pictures.

Since snow drenched Coloradan’s aren’t the only ones guilty of taking and posting photos of their snow covered patio furniture, if you are in Boreas’ path, consider yourselves duly challenged!

Watch Clark’s rant here:

In case you were wondering, Weather Underground explained why the Weather Channel named this winter storm:

The storm has already approached the population and areal coverage which will be under National Weather Service winter weather thresholds for warnings that our team uses for naming a storm. This is only the beginning of what promises to be a long-lived winter weather system.

This is an early season winter event with potential significant impacts for parts of the nation so far south.

It is occurring on a weekend before the most heavily-traveled week of the year.

There is the potential that this system could re-emerge as a winter weather threat by midweek as it moves east along the Gulf then heads northeast back into air that is cold enough to produce snow in the Northeast.

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