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Top US hospital laying off staff thanks to Obamacare

Cleveland Clinic
Photo Credit: IHTT

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The Affordable Care Act has proven to be quite unaffordable as one of the nation’s top hospitals is now forced to slash its budget and layoff employees.

Patrick Howley with The Daily Caller reported Monday that the Cleveland Clinic “is making layoffs and cutting its budget more than $100 million as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act.”

According to the report, in part:

“The cuts for 2014, about half of those are related to the Affordable Care Act…We anticipate a reduction in workforce” Cleveland Clinic executive director of communications Eileen Sheil said in an interview with TheDC.

The Cleveland Clinic is reducing its 2014 budget by $330 million.

“We offered early retirement to 3,000 employees,” Sheil said, but noted that the early retirement option recently offered to staff was “voluntary” for eligible employees.

“The $330 million cut is not all layoffs,” Sheil said, noting that the Clinic is also cutting operating-room expenses and paying less to vendors.

Read more from The Daily Caller.

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