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Rape victim says Obama not ‘man enough to protect us,’ is ‘heartless’

Michelle Eppel
Michelle Eppel testifying before Illinois legislature.

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A rape victim who has a law named after her has questioned President Barack Obama‘s manhood, saying he is “heartless” and “doesn’t care.”

“I do not believe a leader of our country should be someone who has no compassion for someone else as a human being… he doesn’t care… it’s like he’s giving permission for the perpetrators to keep going. He’s not even man enough to protect us. How heartless,” Michelle Eppel told The Daily Caller.

Eppel was commenting after learning that Obama was the only state senator not to vote for a 1999 Illinois rape-victim protections bill — he voted present. The bill allows rape victims to request that their cases be sealed after their perpetrators are convicted.

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“I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. “How could he do that? Thank God for the other [senators] who voted for it. They had a heart. They had compassion that Obama evidently doesn’t have.”

Eppel was raped more than three decades ago, suffering lifelong injuries. She described her experience:

“I was 19. I’m an example that it never leaves a survivor’s mind.

“Right away that next morning it was all about me on the radio. ‘A prominent community girl was raped.’ And then they used my name. Then the talk becomes about the victim. I felt like I was diseased or contagious. People in my community were afraid to talk to me.

“When I sat in the bathtub [the next day], the water was just pure red from the beatings he gave me. I looked to my right and saw my mom’s razor. I looked at my left wrist. I looked at the razor. I must have thought it would be easy to just kill yourself because I was so overwhelmed.

“You can never go back to who you were, back to having what you loved about yourself. You miss that about yourself. It never comes back.”

The “Michelle Eppel Law” forces perpetrators of sex crimes to pay their victims’ medical costs. It was officially renamed in her honor in 2009 after being signed into law in Illinois in 2005, according to the Daily Caller.

As for Obama, Eppel cannot understand his actions.

“How many issues does he push aside as president because he just doesn’t want to deal with it?,” Eppel said. ”The people want someone who will fight for them and protect them from harm. Why does he not do that?”

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