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Obama tells donors he’s not ‘a particularly ideological person’

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Kicking off a three-day fundraising trip to the West Coast on Sunday, President Obama denied he’s driven by ideology, accused the GOP of being an “impediment” to his rule to position “themselves for the next election” and claimed Obamacare reforms are “beginning to bear fruit and take off.”

He was, in short, lying.

obamaplane1125“I’m not a particularly ideological person,” Obama said, according to the Associated Press. He might have liberal goals, he said, “but I’m pretty pragmatic about how we get there.”

For the most statist, doctrinaire liberal president in American history to claim he isn’t ideological is absurd. To do it, as Obama did, at a campaign fundraiser accompanied by Nancy Pelosi, in a city so liberal that it just elected a Socialist mayor, is literally laughable.

For a president on a tour dedicated solely to raising money for political campaigning to accuse his opposition to being interested only in winning elections is beyond hypocrisy.

And for a man whose name adorns the health-care debacle inflicted on the country during the disastrous two years his political party was in charge to claim the debacle is beginning to “take off” would be delusional if he actually believed it. (He doesn’t, anymore than you do.)

But there are more important things than the truth in politics.

Like money.

“In the year before an election like this, I think the most tangible way that an incumbent president of either party, frankly, can benefit his party’s prospects in congressional races is to try to help them raise money,” White House spokesman told the Associated Press.

“And I would anticipate that the president’s efforts on that front will continue into next year.”

It’s going to be a long way until next November.


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