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MoveOn.org’s mob rule mentality: Cover for another lying president

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If there ever was any doubt about the far-left’s priorities, the latest petition by MoveOn.org to support Obamacare gives the game away.

“Why are we so fixated on 4 million insured people who may lose their current and mostly sub-standard health insurance policies and ignoring the fact that 48 million people who have never had health insurance will finally be able to buy health insurance?” the lefties want to know.

mobrule1125Do they mean why are we so fixated on the fact that the president lied?

It seems pretty straightforward to normal people that presidents aren’t supposed to baldly lie to the American public — but for a gang that started as a support group for a president who baldly lied to the American public about having sex with an intern, maybe that’s not so clear.

“The 4 million insured have had the ability to purchase insurance all along. Now, due to circumstances beyond their control, including the greed of insurance companies, they could potentially lose their current policy.”

Actually, they “had the ability to purchase insurance all along” mainly because they worked for the money to do it. (Granted, that’s an alien idea to many of the Moveon.org crowd, but most Americans probably get the drift.) The “circumstances beyond their control” aren’t the greed of the insurance companies, they’re the hubris, the tyrannical zeal and sheer incompetence of the disastrous years of unbridled Democrat control of Congress that gave birth to Obamacare.

“Tell your lawmakers to stop putting politics ahead of the needs of the majority – that is not the way democracy is supposed to work,” the petition concludes.

Again, Moveon.org is dead wrong. Putting politics ahead of the needs of the majority is exactly the way democracy is supposed to work. It’s called the rule of law.

Why are we fixated on presidents lying? Why do lawmakers put politics before the “needs” of the majority?

Because the alternative is “democracy” in its most primitive, violent form. It’s called mob rule.

The people who sign Moveon.org’s petition might not understand what they’re really asking for, so they might not deserve to get it.

But rhey might just get it anyway — along with the rest of us.

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