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Lessons in leadership: What Obama could learn from Margaret Thatcher

Many American politicians have saluted Margaret Thatcher's relationship with Ronald Reagan
Photo Credit: Rex Features via The Guardian

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There’s no comparison between President Obama and the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as a world leader, a former Thatcher foreign policy advisor told Neil Cavuto.

“Look at the United States today with Barack Obama implementing exactly the opposite kinds of policies [as Thatcher]. This is a nation seventeen trillion dollars in debt, facing bankruptcy,” author of “Margaret Thatcher on Leadership” Nile Gardiner said on Cavuto’s Fox Business program Friday.

Gardiner reminded of Thatcher’s famous quote on socialism and running out of other people’s money to spend, and said the “leadership lessons” of Thatcher and Ronald Reagan are “badly needed” in America today.

“What we’re seeing in America today is a deep-seated anti-business mentality that this administration is pushing forward. That’s the mentality that is driving Europe to destruction today. It’s a mentality that will ruin the United States,” Gardiner warned.

Watch the video compilation of Thatcher compared to Obama in this short segment from Cavuto here:

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