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Juan Williams emerges from private WH meeting reciting Obamacare talking points

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Twitter users roundly criticized Fox News contributor Juan Williams for repeating the White House talking points on the Affordable Care Act during his appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

At issue was the announced one-month delay in the second year of Obamacare enrollment until after the 2014 election. Was this a political decision to save policyholders from experiencing their anticipated sticker shock until after the mid-term elects? Well, does a bear sit in the woods?

Williams ignored the question and instead said that the act “sets minimum standards” and the grumbling over Obamacare is nothing short of “attacks coming from Republicans.” This statement flies in the face of a recent CBS poll that 84 percent of Democrats want the Affordable Care Act either changed or repealed outright.

Watch the exchange.

So where did Williams get his arguments? He was among a very select group of acolytes summoned to the White House that included MSNBC hosts and liberal political pundits. He noted afterwards that although he couldn’t reveal the substance of the meeting, he could say that President Obama was in “full fight mode” with reference to the Affordable Care Act.

I think it’s now pretty well known at least part of what was discussed — Obamacare’s talking points, along with the marching orders to “go forth and enlighten the masses.” And this wasn’t at all lost on the Twitter tweeps.






One final assessment:


H/T the Twitchy Team and if you haven’t already, check out ‘Fasten your seat belt’: Judge Napolitano stuns Juan Williams

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