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Former Blackwater CEO: ‘Iraq is completely lost’

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The founder of the Blackwater USA security firm is setting the record straight on the company’s role in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

In his new book, “Civilian Warriors,” Blackwater founder and CEO Erik Prince says all his company did was answer the U.S. government’s call for help.

“By 2006 and 2007, a war-weary American public, the left, tried to key on that,” Prince told “Fox and Friends” host Tucker Carlson on Sunday. “In the Vietnam War, the anti-war left went after the troops. This time they went after contractors. I think Blackwater kind of represented everything they didn’t like.”

Prince formed Blackwater USA in 1997 “to provide training support to military and law enforcement organizations,” using a business-oriented approach, according to Wikipedia. The company received its first government contract in 2000, training more than 100,000 sailors, after the USS Cole was bombed off the Yemeni coast, Wikipedia reported.

Some Blackwater employees carried guns, and they sometimes had to use them to defend themselves and those they were protecting, Prince said.

“Several of them got killed doing that,” Carlson said. “I don’t remember you declaring war on Iraq or setting policies.”

Prince said Iraq is completely lost after all the “blood, toil and treasure, and effort of the United States.”

Carlson asked him what he thought about Afghanistan’s status.

“If there’s not some semblance of support there, Afghan forces will soon crumble,” Prince said.

Watch the segment here via Fox News:


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