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Obama on GQ magazine’s ‘least influential celebrity’ list for 2013

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GQ magazine has named President Barack Obama on its annual list of least influential celebrities, putting the successor of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ike Eisenhower among the dregs of American faux celebrity like basketball has-been Dennis Rodman, shamed Southern chef Paula Deen and the selfie-destructive Anthony Weiner.

Rodman, Deen and Weiner were on the list — along with Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith.

obamahapless1124If Obama had as little influence as they do, America would be a lot better off.

It’s a gag, of course. Whatever his faults – and in this case, they are legion – anyone holding the title of American president is way too influential. And since this one’s name has been lent to a law on its way to becoming a byword for disasters — like Pearl Harbor or Katrina — it’s a bad gag.

Even worse is the magazine’s explanation making the Internet rounds: Under Obama, it says, “nothing gets done.”

Nothing gets done?

The National Park Service morphs from Ranger Friendly to storm troopers keeping octogenarian World War II veterans from their own memorial. The president of Russia makes the United States government look like an administration of cowardly fools over a civil war in the Middle East. The IRS is publicly unmasked as a malicious, politically motivated gang of bureau-thugs.

The lives of millions are upended by a Cabinet branch almost comically named “Health and Human Services.”

And GQ calls that uninfluential because “nothing gets done”?

This is a magazine that devoted pages of pulp in July to the purely fictitious idea that Vice President Joe Biden might actually be president someday.

God knows what GQ editors might be hoping “gets done” then.

HT: The New York Post

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