Charlie Rangel: Obama figured out secret, ‘use executive orders for everything’

President Obama should drop the charade of democracy and rule directly through executive orders, U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel told a New York news station.

In an interview that praised Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats for doing away with filibusters on most presidential nominees, Rangel told NY1 that Obama has already set a precedent for making his own laws without regard for Congress, according to Politicker.

charlierangel1124When Obama announced last year that illegal immigrants brought to this country by their parents would no longer be deported, the president wrote a script that could be used in many acts to come, Rangel said.

“You know, the DREAM Act for the kids that came over here and didn’t know their hometown, the president did that by executive order,” Rangel said. “What I did is I’ve taken out the language that he used, and I’m gonna see why we can’t use executive orders for everything.”

Rangel is ghetto gentry, a conscienceless con man who’s built a career enriching himself at the expense of taxpayers and his own supposed New York “community.” In 2010, he became the first congressman censured by the full House almost 30 years.

That was for evading taxes on property he owned in the Dominican Republic (while he was chairman of the House Appropriations Committee), occupying four “rent-controlled” apartments in his Harlem district that are supposed to assist fixed-income tenants (he used one as a campaign headquarters), and pimping congressional letterhead to attract money to build a monument to himself at City College of New York.

Now this man, who at 83 has abused the democratic process for his own ends for decades, has had enough of democracy.

“What’s [Obama] gonna do?” Rangel asked. “Make the Republicans angry? They’re gonna get annoyed? They’re not gonna cooperate?”

No, Congressman, they’re not gonna cooperate.

But if Obama and this country’s libs ever do succeed in dismantling constitutional democracy in the United States, the Dominican Republic sounds like a fine place for a useless congressman to retire to.

They’ve raised taxes down there to pay for a swollen government and welfare benefits, but smart guys can always figure out how to get around them.

Rangel should fit right in.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


84 thoughts on “Charlie Rangel: Obama figured out secret, ‘use executive orders for everything’

  1. Dawn says:

    Rangel and Reid are doing the Devil’s work.

  2. Alan Branfman says:

    Are you paying your taxes,Charley? That’s all I want from you !

  3. Seán O'Riordan says:

    I know that facts are troubling things but the President has issued 164 executive orders. The lowest since before Franklin Roosevelt.

    look it up.

    1. Brandon Johns says:

      Yes, but most of them have been unconstitutional.

    2. RGlenCheek says:

      He issued EO 13603 which even Snopes agrees is an order giving himself unprecedented peace-time non-emergency war powers authority.
      So he doesn’t need to issue a lot of EOs, doofus, when he has already made himself dictator.

      1. Seán O'Riordan says:

        Well apparently you are wrong as Snopes says the opposite.
        Oh and you know what real dictators do, they have you shot.

        1. RGlenCheek says:

          Snopes does not say the opposite, lol. Snopes says the exaggerated rumor is false, but ignores the fact that Obama has the legal power to rule by decree as war time powers gave FDR and Lincoln, but Obama has given himself these powers during peace time nonemergency situations as well. They admit this is that Obama has given himself war time powers during nonemergency peace time, but they deny the obvious conclusion; Obama has set himself up as a dictator on paper, though he isnt abusing it …yet.
          Try thinking for yourself sometime, libtard.

    3. Aaron Barnes says:

      it doesn’t matter how many he signed it matters what the EOs are.

  4. RockyMtn1776 says:

    Whose to stop him ? The Obama Senate ? A Congress with far to many RINOs ? The military ? A population where almost half are apathetic and worry only about if their next entitlement check will arrive on time ?

  5. Ian MacLeod says:

    He’s not kidding. Obama seems to think he can rewrite ALL of America’s law on his own as long as he makes them “Executive Orders”! He can make Islam the “National religion” that way if he wants! We don’t HAVE a National Religion? Maybe we will soon. He can repeal all the Amendments he dislikes – which would be ALL OF THEM. Apparently no one is going tell him he can’t. His personal Home Guard military of brainwashed, mind-controlled teenagers and 12 year-olds would follow him right off the cliff, too!

    Grumpy wrote: “Violating the oath of office is impeachable, as is unlawful conduct in
    office. The Constitution does not allow the president the to pick and
    chose what laws, or parts of laws he will enforce. Executive Orders do
    not exist in the Constitution, they have existed since George Washington
    to implement law, not to violate it..”

    Are you kidding?? He’s done so much that’s impeachable NOW he ought to be imprisoned until the Sahara runs out of sand! He’s BEEN impeached now – how many times? Five? And what was the result? Right. Maybe We the People need to find a way to unplug Barry from his Source – of orders, of financial backing (not the U.S; he’s just DRAINING that, or he’s trying real hard). I mean the so-called “elites” – the sociopaths who came up with the “depopulation agenda” – the “Great Culling”. Hell, the “courts” are now ruling with the “elites”: we have no right to choose what we feed our children, we have no right to clean, nourishing food, we have no right to clean, potable water, we have no right to medicines that heal instead of kill..! People, I think it’s past time to return to Common Law and rid ourselves of this infection of greedy pro-corporate liars, thieves and murderers who are poisoning our country in every way possible!

    So how do we fire an illegal shadow government of destroyers that rules solely on the basis of what they can do to those who refuse to cooperate with them? Using the gold they’ve stolen over generations, they can buy the deaths of pretty much anyone. Maybe some “government agency” gives them a professional discount… What if We the People called on the military and the police in this country and DEMANDED that they fulfill their Oaths of Service and go steal it all BACK?? They could distribute it a little more evenly in the world this time. For that matter, with what the “elites” have done to many if not most other countries, everyone has to see, has to KNOW that they are next! Why should they wait until these sociopaths take America down and then come after them? It’s inevitable that they WILL. They’re insane, demonstrably. They have no reasonable limits: they intend to “own” all the gold on the planet, any property and everything else worth having by the time they’re done no matter WHAT else happens.

    They have published their intentions many, many times in various ways, and have sometimes simply spoken them aloud and been recorded. Sometimes they’ve been quoted by “ordinaries” they’ve temporarily befriended – until they got tired of their new pets and gotten rid of them, like Aaron Russo. If WE can’t stop them, they likely won’t BE stopped.

    Hear that gurgling sound? I think a Rockefeller may have just flushed the Gulf of Mexico… Or maybe it’s a Rothschild checking to make sure the drains in the Atlantic are working right before pulling the plug for real; for good. They apparently have no reason whatsoever to spare ANYTHING on Earth. Sociopaths, remember? That means they have no conscience, no love, no respect for anything outside themselves and their own possessions. Hell, for all I know they’ve been sitting on “lost” technology for centuries, and they’ve been vacationing on a green Mars all this time. That would fit the personality characteristics they show. About the time they figure out they’ve screwed up TOTALLY and sterilized this planet, they can just pack up all the gold – maybe have their zero-point powered, magrav driven spaceships, maybe they’d just make those out of their stolen gold, pack ’em up, take a few “ordinaries” along to GM into perfect slaves, entertainers and whatever else they want and head Out – for Mars, or farther.

    Too bad they won’t just go – BEFORE they finish screwing up THIS planet. They’ve already made one HELL of start on sterilizing this country! It’s SATURATED with chemtrails, weaponized flu and other diseases, glyphosate, paraquat, Agent Orange is making a comeback I hear; depleted uranium, all those toxic “phude” additives like aspartame, super-weeds, GMO’s we don’t know about, medicines that kill while healing herbs and other natural healers are illegal. HAARP frequencies, microwave brain entrainment, MAST towers, Smart Meters, routers in every home, Moregllon’s, cutting back on food stamps so they can give more money to trillionaires, fluoridated water and pills based on fluoride (SSRIs), Fukushima radiation plus MANY other sources, Lilly-waved TV shows and house wiring harnesses… It’s a long, LONG list.

    Maybe they’ll take Barry along as a pet, or give him a suit, drape a towel over his arm, and let him schlep cocktails. Until they get tired of him, like they did with Aaron. He was a REAL hero! As for Barry – or whoever he really is – well, take a look: no seat in a D.U.M.B. for him. He couldn’t even buy the property next Dubya’s down South. I’m afraid that while he might have relatively light skin, it’s still too dark for the super-rich to tolerate for long too near them and theirs…


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