Allen West fears bill will use sexual assault to destroy military justice system


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Retired Lt. Col. Allen West scoffed in an online article at legislation being pushed by U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., to restructure the military justice system. But he was even more unkind to President Obama, calling him a “charlatan” and a “masquerader.”

Gillibrand recently got Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s backing on legislation, dubbed the “Military Justice Improvement Act, that would take prosecutory powers away from military commanders. The Democrat and Chronicle reported:

“Her proposal is firmly opposed by military leaders and a majority of senators on the Armed Services Committee.

Gillibrand has maintained that too many sexual assault victims don’t report the crime. Having military lawyers decide whether to bring charges is the only way victims will become willing to report their assaults, according to Gillibrand.”

“There is no doubt that sexual assault is unacceptable,” West wrote in an article posted Friday on his website,, “but when you analyze these new broad definitions, just about anything can now be described as sexual assault. In effect she wants to strip commanders of all military justice jurisdiction.”

The former congressman was once investigated by the military justice system for using harsh interrogation tactics to elicit details of a planned attack on our troops, but he wasn’t prosecuted.

“I can only imagine what would have happened if some ‘independent civilian prosecutors’ had been brought in and not a system comprised of fellow combat commanders, superiors and peers,” he wrote.

West also ridiculed Obama as a “charlatan who now masquerades as our commander in chief,” telling his critics, “Go ahead. Call me a racist.”

It’s fair to say conservatives believe West is far more qualified, much more credible and truer to the country than the man who promised fundamental change but delivered perpetual authoritarianism.
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Matt Labo

Matt writes from his home in New Jersey. He has been writing fiction and non-fiction for several years, and has a passion for politics and sports.


One thought on “Allen West fears bill will use sexual assault to destroy military justice system

  1. EliseR says:

    West is thankful that the military chain of command gave him the chance to retire with benefits rather than face a court martial and possible jail time. That’s what he wants for sexual offenders — the chance to walk away from their actions and not be held accountable.

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