USPS responds to national outrage over new holiday stamps

Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Merry…Gingerbread House? You would certainly think America now celebrates some kind of holy gingerbread bread house holiday if you saw the United […]

Hillary Clinton from hearing
Krauthammer says Hillary is paper tiger; she’ll lose to any Republican

Fox News analyst and author Charles Krauthammer called Hillary Clinton a “paper tiger” and said she cannot be considered a shoo-in for president. When people actually look […]

Russell Simmons
Hip-hop giant claims Obamacare already saved ‘millions of lives’

The co-founder of the hip-hop music label Def Jam has proclaimed Obamacare a success, saying it’s already saving lives. While the number of Obamacare enrollees has been […]

hillary jeb
Florida Five: Hillary vs. Jeb matchup, Obama’s hurting Fla. Dems

Jump start the weekend with a look at BPR’s Florida Five picks for Saturday’s top political stories: Jobless rate dropped to 6.7 : Florida’s unemployment rate for October […]

Mayor of Tally
Florida’s capital rejects recommended ethics reform

Apparently, ethics isn’t a big deal in Florida’s capital city. Mayor John Marks certainly doesn’t appear to be all that serious about it. That’s the consensus expressed by an […]