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Indigestion anyone? Obamas to sit down with Barbara Walters day after Thanksgiving

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With his approval numbers now at an all-time low, President Barack Obama looks to be in full damage control mode.

Resorting to what he does best, using his charm to distract voters, TVNewser reported Friday that the president and first lady Michelle Obama will sit down with Barbara Walters for their first joint interview this year.

The interview will air on a ABC’s “20/20″ Thanksgiving special on Friday, November 29.

Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard explains his take on Obama’s plan:

“Finding a friendly media member to sit down with the day after Thanksgiving so that he and his wife are welcomed into millions of living rooms in a cozy setting that allows them to show the nation how lovable they are despite his lies about being able to keep your health insurance if you liked it.”

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To ensure viewers don’t get their hopes up for a hard-hitting interview only to be let down, Sheppard points out that Walters did “a Christmas time interview with the Obamas last year that included absolutely no political questions, but did yield a critical discussion about their dog Bo.”

And the previous Christmas, when Walters actually asked the President, “If you were a superhero and you could have one super power, what would it be?”

Coming from a broadcast journalist professional who, while speaking of how “cute” the first couple is, once said “I don’t want to gush,” you get the idea.

As Sheppard opined, the timing of a Barbara Walters interview may be “the perfect tonic for what’s currently ailing the Obamas.”

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