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Man with concealed weapon shoots ‘knockout game’ attacker – twice

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A Michigan man with a concealed handgun and two quick bullets stopped one “knockout game” cold.

And the teen who was shot is telling a local television station it was far from the first time he’d attacked an innocent person chosen at random. But it was probably the last.

Marvell Weaver is serving a year in jail for attacking a perfect stranger as part of a “knockout game.”

In a WILX News 10 report Thursday, 17-year-old Marvell Weaver – now serving a year in jail for the assault — told an interviewer he used a taser to attack the unnamed victim Feb. 26, while the victim waited for his daughter at a bus stop. It was just a game, he said, one he’d played before.

“Not many, six or seven,” he told the Lansing, Mich., station, like a half-dozen violent attacks is just something kids do when they’re bored. “It wouldn’t be an everyday game, just a certain game to be played on certain days. You don’t even try to rob them or anything. That’s the game.”

Weaver said his group liked to hit crowds, for ease of escape, and played while high on drugs. The victim could be anybody – any age, any gender.

The victim in this case, though, was playing for keeps.

“He shoved something into my side. I wasn’t sure what it was. It had some force to it. I wasn’t sure if it was a knife or a gun,” the victim told WILX.

Turns out, it was taser. Weaver was trying to knock him out without throwing a punch, but the weapon malfunctioned.

The victim’s .40 caliber handgun, though, was working fine. He shot Weaver twice, once in the leg and once in the back – a bullet that hit an inch away from his spine.

“It was just a lesson learned. I wish I hadn’t played the game at all,” Weaver told the station.

His intended victim is glad he had the arms to defend himself – for his own sake, and his 6-year-old daughter’s.

“What they tried to do to me wouldn’t have been a joke if they would’ve succeeded,” the man told WILX. “My child would’ve been left with the aftermath of seeing her father in any type of way I would’ve been left.”


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